C O N D U C T I N G    B U S I N E S S    I N    T U R K E Y


Sometimes people move to a new country because they feel there are good opportunities for establishing business there. In case you have got these indications for Turkey, Expat Service ANATOLIA will be delighted to provide you with full assistance for establishing and conducting your business. Before you start a business you need to know everything about the formalities, license requirements if any etc. Your personal Expat Service ANATOLIA consultant will check all these matters for you and present you with a summary, so that without wasting time you will be aware of the legal requirements for the type of business you would like to start.

It could be that before you establis your own business, you might like to meet with some companies working in the same or similar branch. Your contact person from our team would be glad to arrange meetings for you as well as attend them with you and provide you with necessary support including translation.

In order to start a business, you will need to establish a company.
Expat Service ANATOLIA can help you with all formalities concerning registration, getting a Unique Identification Number, opening a bank account on your behalf  as well as preparing all the registration documents for you. And this is not all. Through our partners we can help you maintain your company so that you will be able to concentrate only on developing your business.