Once you have established your company or set up your home in Turkey and of course you want all your accounts and financial documentation in order. You have to submit annual accounts to the tax authorities every year, prepare an annual tax report together with the annual tax return. If you do not submit those documents/information or if they are incorrect then you can be fined and the fines are at least 2000 USD.


You are subject to all this even if the purpose of your company was to make one purchase of land. Turkish tax authorities are strict in enforcing the law and conservative in their practises. They often make inspections of companies even if there is no suspicion of anything wrong.

It can be both difficult and complicated to keep up with and understand the Turkish legal system when it comes to accounting. There are a number of laws to be considered and regulations on the implementation of those laws. It would take  valuable time from your other activities.

Expat Service ANATOLIA will provide you with services of reliable accounting firms and ensure the quality of those services. You will not have to worry that your accounts are in line with Turkish laws and regulations. We will ensure that you are represented as a legal person in front of number of Turkish institutions. Your accounts will be in order and you can focus on other aspects of your business and life in Turkey. And the best of all is that, like with all the service we can provide you with, you have ONLY one contact person  from the Expat Service ANATOLIA team and we direct you to reliable and competent providers of the services you need. Therefore you as our client are our  valued partner as well.