A S S I S TA N C E    F O R    P R O P E R T Y    P U R C H A S E


Are you interested in buying a home or other type of property in Turkey, and you don't know the language, where to look or who to trust? Let Expat Service ANATOLIA guide you to through this process and provide you with the support you need. Are you sure to know which real estate agencies are good and whom to trust? In Turkey as in many other countries there are many unreliable agencies with little or no experience in assisting foreigners. You need to work with an agency that has a good track record and preferably has an experience in working with foreigners.

We will assist you in locating, negotiating and finalising contract, for your property in Turkey. We have established connection with reputable real estate agencies specialised in different types of properties for foreigners in Turkey. So you will have the convenience to deal with one contact person from
Expat Service ANATOLIA (ON Expat Service Real Estate team), who will direct you to the Construction Company, Landlord, apartment owner, escort you to meet them and assist you with translation.

In case you decide to buy a property that is still under construction,
Expat Service ANATOLIA will be pleased to make payments to the construction company on your behalf, so that you do not have to bother if you are still living abroad. As soon as your property is built, we can make a snag list for you. You have to inform your contact person from our team that you would like to have your property checked. An experienced engineer from a partner company will visit the property and make a list of all the things that are not done properly. Of course, you will receive pictures and a copy of the snag list. Then the builder will be given a deadline to solve the problem/s. The goal is that the Expat Service ANATOLIA client receive his/her new property in the best condition.

Did you know that as a foreign individual you can not buy land in Turkey?  You will therefore have to establish a company (or other type of legal entity) in order to buy land in Turkey. We can arrange the whole registration process for you, issue and provide you with all documents needed, bring them to the appropriate court, collect the registration document, make sure that the registration is published in the official government media - "The state newspaper" - as well as take a company identification number on your behalf and take care of the registration with the tax authorities.
Expat Service ANATOLIA will simply be your partner in establishing and running your business.