Though most of us know how to take care of our teeth, it is still a good idea to have a checkup once a year. For some, the thought of visiting a dentist's office is intimidating, but with changes in the way many procedures are performed today, a visit to the dentist's office does not have to be unpleasant. With regards to children, it is usually a good idea to introduce them to their dentist (Dişçi) and his/her office, well ahead of any possible dental emergencies.


As in most parts of the world there are no fixed prices for dental work in Turkey. Be sure to agree to the fees charged in advance of your visit. Most private insurance companies will not cover your dentist invoice and you should be prepared to pay this expense from your own pocket.


For a list of receommened dentists in Istanbul and Ankara please refer to our yellow pages.


Here are some Turkish words you may find useful when consulting a dentist:


Abscess: apse
Artificial tooth: takma diş
Bridge: köprü
Canine tooth: köpek dişi
Crown: kuron
Enamel: Diş minesi
Fistula: Fistül
Front teeth: ön dişler
Gumboil: diş iltihabı
Lower teeth: alt dişler
Pulling out tooth: diş çekmek
Rotten tooth: çürük diş
Side teeth: yan dişler
Teeth screw: diş vidası
Tooth: diş
Upper teeth: üst dişler