F A C I L I T Y    F I N D I N G    S U P P O R T


You have already settled in Turkey, live in a nice place, have all the formalities regarding your status and residence permit arranged. Now you just start looking around. and you find out that there are still many things that you need for the everyday life. Therefore there is another task for Expat Service ANATOLIA. You know already what to do - just call your personal consultant and tell him/her what kind of facilities you are interested in.


We will do a research for you, check different facility providers like mobile operators, internet providers, cable TV options and anything you might need. We will get quotations from them, analyze and compare services and prices and provide you with a summary with the   essential information. Thus we will facilitate your choice. Of course, we will assist you with finalizing the negotiations with the facility provider and help with translation, if needed.  So you will be able to feel the security of having somebody to rely on all time.