F I N A N C I A L    S E R V I C E S

Finances are always a crucial point today. Bad management or lack of information in this aspect can lead to significant financial losses and disorder in your financial matters. Expat Service ANATOLIA would like to insure that the guests of our country have the peace of mind that everything regarding their finances is done in a proper and professional way. Therefore we would be pleased to provide you withadvice and help in setting up your account with a Turkish bank (or a subsidiary of an international bank). We will inform you of different options based on the experience of other foreigners in doing business with relevant banks in Turkey.

In most countries it is quite difficult to get a loan. But you might need some financial support, especially if you have decided to invest in some real estate in Turkey. Today there are good options to take mortgage loans with good conditions and reasonable interest. Let us do the legwork of visiting different banks, collecting offers and fighting with paperwork.

We will provide you with advice on available loan options in Turkey, in particular in connection with loans for property investments. We will of course review every loan contract and provide you with translations of all documentation which is not available in your preferred language. We also provide (as listed above) document management to assist you in all your financial business in Turkey.

Expat Service ANATOLIA can offer you the services of a Series 7 licensed broker.

This is a Registered Representative with the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) in the USA and can provide US citizens as well as non US citizens with retirement plans and different investment services.

US citizens that are working and living in Europe are eligible for the services of our Series 7 Registered Representative. They can get retirement plans, education financing plans, annuities, mutual funds, options and other investment vehicles.

Non US citizens can get retirement plans, mutual funds and annuities.

Both Americans and non-Americans can rely on excellent service and a broker, available in real time.