You will need - as in every country - to insure your property, have  quality health insurance and so on. But what type of insurance do you need? How to best get the best premium? Did you know that in order to get a long term visa or resident permit for Turkey you need  proper health insurance? These are difficult items which require a huge demand of time until you manage to check all suitable insurance companies and get proposals from them.


Expat Service ANATOLIA” would be pleased to extend a helping hand. Whatever kind of insurance you need - health, life, disability, property, car, etc. you just have to call your contact person from Expat in Turkey.

We will provide you with advice and quotes from reliable insurance companies for all your insurance needs. We will help you to analyse what type of insurance you need and review all offers in detail to ensure you maximum coverage at the lowest possible premiums.

After you have chosen the insurance that best suits your needs, it is our task to deal with the insurance company and get your policy. We will also keep all your insurance related documentation and take care of renewals and updates. In case you have to file a claim with the insurance company, again the only thing to do is to contact your personal “Expat Service ANATOLIA”consultant. We will arrange the claim and arrange payment on your behalf. So your peace of mind also will be "insured".