L E G A L    S E R V I C E S


Often legal issues can be difficult to comprehend even in your own country. Finding out what rules apply and how to apply them. Gathering the same kind of knowledge of the legal system in a foreign country is more complicated and time consuming where you don't know the language and what information is important.


Moreover Turkish Law is very dynamically developing due to the upcoming EU membership and there are very often changes and new laws and regulation. For an expat it is almost impossible to be up to date with all these new things. But you can count on “Expat Service ANATOLIA”for assistance and support.

We will provide you with legal advice as you set up your company, rent, buy your home and settle in Turkey.

You will not need to research what laws are in place and how they will influence your business decisions. We will prepare contracts and other legal documents for you. We will facilitate the registration of your company or other types of legal entities. We will secure notary if needed and assist you in the notary process, including going with you to the notary to ensure that all documents are in order.

In addition to providing you with legal advice and services regarding your business needs, then we will also provide you with advice on other legal issues.

When you move to a new country there are, depending on your purpose and where you come from, formalistic requirements you need to take care of. You need to get a residence permit, work permit and other aspects of your settling in a new country. All you have to do is to refer to your contact person from our team. We will tell you what you need to do and what documents are needed and arrange  everything on your behalf.