O T H E R    S E R V I C E S


When you have moved to Turkey there are number of other services to consider as part of your daily or regular schedule. You have now moved to a new country and the language is a challenge for you. Just call your “Expat Service ANATOLIA” personal consultant. We will provide you with advice and assist you in registering for language courses.We will direct you to the best available teachers in Turkish. We can also provide the same assistance.


If you desire to study other languages.

There are so many issues in everyday life that you will have to confront. “
Expat Service ANATOLIA” will be glad to help.

We will research and provide you with advice on a number of regular services you will wish to have including but not limited to:

  • Selection of phone, mobile and internet providers,

  • Selection of the best TV cable company and packages,

  • Finding the most suitable educational institutions or companies,

  • Finding the most suitable health care providers such as dentists, doctors and other health care services,

  • Hair dressers and other beautification services

We will provide you with cleaning services for your house or apartment. We will also provide you with regular shopping services and/or assistance. You can be sure to always have the food you need to have a comfortable and easy time in Turkey. We are not only providing this assistance on a regular basis but probably more importantly for you as you come back from your travels or when you come to your vacation home. You will come to a home with all food products in place. All you need to do is to contact your personal “Expat Service ANATOLIA” representative. We will take care of the rest.

If, you and your spouse are working and  have small children that you are worried to leave alone at home, “
Expat Service ANATOLIA” knows how to help. We will provide you with the  services of a trustworthy person to look after your children while you are at work or at other times when you are away from home.

We all know the hassle of taking care of regular maintenance of our personal car especially in a foreign country. We will take care of this for you. We will clean your car; will fill it up, and other regular maintenance. If you need to have some repairs made on your car we will advise you on what garage would be best for your needs.

Whatever  else you need, just  call your “
Expat Service ANATOLIA”contact person and the best possible care will be taken for your special needs.