During the last few years there is an increase on theft and snatching away events in major cities. The cavities in Turkish criminal law and the insufficient penalties also encourage such acts.


In order to minimize the risks in facing these acts we recommend the following.



  • Keep copies of your identity and credit cards, passports and other official papers at your home or office,

  • Don't carry cash more than you need for your daily expenses,

  • Don't put your cell phone in your bag,

  • Don't put your precious jewels in your bag and try not to wear them except on special days or events,

  • If possible, prefer bags with zippers,

  • Don't use ATMs at risky areas when not crowded and at nights,

  • Be suspicious to any chaos and events that attracts attention.


  • Carry or hang your bag on the opposite side of the traffic,

  • If your bag has a lid, it's better to carry your bag with the lid facing your body.


  • Carry your bag with the lid facing your body,

  • Never leave your bag on the counters when you intend to try something on. Always take your bag with you to the cabin,

  • When paying the bills with cash or credit card, try not to take out your wallet from your bag,

  • Be sure to put your wallet into your bag back and pull the zipper,

  • Never hang your bag to the chair you are sitting on and also don't put it on the chair next to you,

  • Please always keep your bag "before your eyes",

  • If you should temporarily leave the table take your bag with you.


  • Lock the doors of your car when you sit in and don't open your windows more than 5cm.

  • Put your bag under your seat. Don't leave it on the back seat or on the seat next to you,

  • Don't talk to the children wandering around while waiting at the red light and don't buy anything from them,

  • Be suspicious to any chaos and events that attracts attention,

  • Again be suspicious if another car slowly hits you. If it is not crowded don't leave your car and immediately call the police (154). If you should leave the car close the windows and lock the doors,

  • Never leave your car, even or a few moments, without closing the windows and locking the doors.

Well the items listed above are just thought as precautions for the recent events. Our intention is never fear or to lead you paranoia, only these simple precautions in your daily life will decrease the risk in some events you might face.




If you face such events in spite of your full attention:

  • Try to describe the thieves,

  • If any, try to have t the plate no. color and model of the card and the direction they drove,

  • Immediately call the police (154),

  • Immediately cancel your credit cards,

  • Go to the nearest police station and tell the event and have them recorded

  • If your keys are among your stolen goods change your locks.



Don't resist in violent grabbing. Your life is much more important. The thieves will probably get only your money and valuables and throw away your bag with your credit cards and identifications. Mostly these reach you in a way.


If you have applied the precautions listed above then your loss will be much more less.


Have "safe" days.