P R O P E R T Y    M A N A G E M E N T


You have now signed a contract to purchase a property.  Your new apartment, house or cottage is already a fact. Now you want to take care of it as best you can, making sure all costs are paid at the right time and for it to be secure. You might also need to make some repairs to your property and might want to rent it out. All this can be difficult to manage in a foreign country, especially when you are not in Ankara. We will therefore provide you with property management services. You can relax when you are away from your property that it will be taken care of.

We will have it checked on a regular basis and ensure it is kept in the same condition as you left it. Your personal consultant will send you a report of the condition of your property with pictures attached every month. We are able to provide regular maintenance of your property and minor repairs. We are also able to facilitate your selection of a contractor when you need either to make changes to your property or further repairs to it. 

We will help you to keep your property safe. We will analyse available options for security systems based on your need and contact reputable security companies for quotes. We will also take care of negotiating the contract and making the monthly payments.

We will assist you in making your new home in Turkey a good place to live by helping you furnishing it to fit your lifestyle. We will provide you with information on good shops for buying the furniture you need and we will assist you if you plan to move furniture and other items from your current home to your new home in Turkey.

We will handle regular payment of taxes, charges and other costs. You will not have to worry about what to pay and where. We will advise you and analyse your total regular costs as well as taking care of making those payments on your behalf.

If you wish to rent out your property while you are not in Turkey, we can take care of all aspects while you are away. We will screen potential renters; we will make the contract, collect the rent, pay relevant costs and all documentation and issues relating to relevant authorities.

For the whole period of your absence you will be in touch with your personal consultant from
Expat Service ANATOLIA team, so that you can get information concerning your property at any time you like.