You have had a home and comfortable life in your country, but now you decide to move to Turkey, because you have bought some nice property there or have found a good job. You are looking forward to your new home. Expat Service ANATOLIA would not like, for the way to it to be full of problems and headaches. That is why we will help you to organize your relocation. Just contact your personal consultant from our team and he/she will immediately take care of all your needs regarding the relocation.


We have reliable transport and logistics companies as our partners, so all your personal items and belongings will be picked up from your current place of living and brought to your new home. Even if you would like to have your car moved to Ankara, we will organize this with our partners. You only have to remember to give your requirements to your contact person from the Expat Service ANATOLIA team.

Settlement in a new environment is another issue that we would be delighted to assist you with. Instead of fighting your way trough the jungle of the bureaucratic administration, trying to get a permanent residence permit, working visa etc., you can again refer to your personal
Expat Service ANATOLIA consultant. It will be then our job to obtain and organize all the documents you need for your settlement, long term stay or employment in Ankara.

It is not only the legal part of your settlement with which we can support you. Small things of everyday life, like where to go for shopping, sport and free time facilities in your area as well as cultural and other events could make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your new home.
Expat Service ANATOLIA will be pleased to provide you with this information for free.