T R A N S P O R T    R E L A T E D    S E R V I C E S


It is not a problem to find transport occasionally, when you need to be moved from one point to another. But what if you need  to be driven here and there at specific times on a specific day regularly? Then, of course, you only have to call the person from Expat Service ANATOLIA team for you and your needs. We will be happy to help. Sometimes it is very hectic in the mornings - you have to hurry to work, your children have to go to school, very busy traffic...


We want to help you get rid of the stress. Expat Service ANATOLIA is organizes transport for children to and from school as well as to other extracurricular activities like sports, training, language courses, music courses etc. We are working with licensed and reliable companies and drivers, so that you have the comfort of knowing that your children are safe.


Some of your family members might also need to be transported on a regular basis to some facilities. Expat Service ANATOLIA will be pleased to assist them. Again, all you have to do is to contact your personal consultant and we will take care of organizing a car with an experienced and reliable driver and let your family members enjoy their trips.