It is not a very pleasant thing to arrive in a new country and be completely on your own, without understanding the language or knowing where to go or even how to reach your accommodation. Additionally you might be cheated by some disloyal taxi drivers and be charged a very high price for transportation services. That is why “Expat Service ANATOLIA” will be pleased to meet you when you arrive in Turkey and take you to your hotel (or other place of accommodation). We will provide you with information about interesting sites to visit to see what Turkey has to offer.

We can recommend some nice restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, galleries, museums, parks and other places where you can relax or entertain yourself and have wonderful time in Turkey.

During your stay in Turkey you might not be willing to use public transport or rent a car. In case you live and work here, you might not see a reason to maintain your own car, because this could create some problems as lack of parking space, no proper place for the car to be kept, even the risk of the car being stolen. It is much easier to let “
Expat Service ANATOLIA”  take care of your transportation needs as you take care of your professional life. Whether it is for short business trips or your everyday life as a professional living in Turkey, you can count on a quick and proper transport service, based on your requirements and at a reasonable price.

We offer transport service through our well experienced and reliable partners wherever in Turkey you need to go as well as transport in Ankara and suburbs on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If you and your spouse are working all day and worry about your children, who have to deal alone with the busy traffic of Ankara, “
Expat Service ANATOLIA”can help with providing transport for the young members of your family to and from school and other educational facilities including extracurricular activities.

Of course, if you prefer to discover Turkey by yourself and would like to experience a drive, we can assist you with renting a car that will fit your exact needs.