Turkish Coffee (Türk Kahvesi) is not only a drink but also a ritual. Since it has been introduced to the western world by Turks in 16th century it is known as Turkish coffee, although coffee is not grown in Turkey. Turkish coffee drunk after meals and/or especially as "morning coffee" by housewives at 11 o’clock (but definitely not at breakfast) is served in small porcelain cups resembling espresso cups.


It is traditionally prepared in a small copper pot called cezve. It is made by mixing an extremely finely ground coffee with water and sugar. They are all heated together at the same time and when the liquid boils coffee, Kahve is ready to be served.


According to your taste, you should let the hostess/waiter know in advance how much sugar you want in it: coffee is served as sade (without sugar), az şekerli (a little sugar), orta (medium sugar) and şekerli (sweet). While drinking you should leave the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup, so sip the coffee lightly. Don’t forget all festive meals always end with a cup of Turkish coffee.


Thin porcelain coffee cups add pleasure to the taste of your coffee.


One of the sayings "A cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship." shows how much it is liked among Turks.


By the way - perhaps you will find someone who will read your future from the coffee grounds. This is very popular here in Turkey and sometimes you may be surprised by the things told by somebody who has no info about you. "Don’t believe fortune telling but don’t be left without fortune telling." is one of the favorite statements!!!