In most of the hotels and restaurants service is not included in the bill, and you should calculate and leave a tip of around 10% for most services, and 15% in finer dining establishments if the service warrants it. Naturally, tipping is expected for each service rendered since many people are dependent on such an extra income to remedy the ills of their low salaries.


If your car has been cleaned and polished where you are staying or at a gas station Turkish Lira equivalent of around US$ 1-2 would be a nice tip. It may be a good idea to let the Kapıcı keep the change from time to time, when you have sent him out for shopping. Also keep in mind to tip the youngsters carrying your bags in the markets and your luggage in the hotels.


When you buy fish from the Balıkçı the gutting and cleaning of the fish by the attendant is included in the price. In coiffeurs and barbers it is customary to tip the person who serves you (if not the owner of the shop) depending on the work involved.


At theatres and cinemas, ushers expect a small tip after showing you to your seat, although it is not mandatory.


In general, the right kind of tipping can open many doors, especially in Turkey. You may want to keep this in mind.


Please note that tipping the taxi drivers is not the custom in Turkey.