A new country does not necessarily mean new problems and difficulties. There are many nice moments in our life that we would like to celebrate. A new job, a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation and so on. All these are reasons to invite friends, to make a nice party. “Expat Service ANATOLIA” will also assist you with the "fun" aspects of life. On the other hand you might be interested in promoting your business in Turkey or just organize a business event. We would love to be of some help.


Whenever you plan to host an event - dinner, party, meeting, conference, etc.   “Expat Service ANATOLIA”will provide you with events services. We will take care of all organisational aspects and you will not have to worry about the practical aspects. You tell us what you need and we will, in full consultation with you ofcourse, prepare the event for you. You will not need to think about where to hold it, where to get the food services, technical needs, invitations and so on. We will take care of this and you can focus on the content of the event with the ease of knowing that everything is taken care of.